• Clogged Sewer Main Line
  • Clogged Toilet
  • Clogged Kitchen Sink
  • Clogged Shower
  • Clogged Bathtub
  • Clogged Bathroom Sink


Clogs are a common occurrence for your pipes and drains. Certain parts of your home may experience them more than others, such as your kitchen sink or your toilet. Nonetheless, any part of your plumbing can experience a clog. When a plunger or store-bought clog remover doesn’t get rid of the problem, you need a professional plumbing solution. Hydro Jetting and Drains Houston uses industry-leading methods to remove clogs without damaging pipes or drains. We’ll help you remove any type of clog you may have in your plumbing system. We offer 24/7 hydro jetting services for any clog in your drains, pipes, toilets, showers, sinks, and more! 



They may not seem like it, but clogs can be detrimental to your plumbing. They increase water pressure in portions of your pipe which can loosen seals. In turn, your pipes can begin to leak in areas you won’t be able to see, such as the walls and floorboards. When you run into a clog that can’t be removed by a plunger or drain snake, hydro jetting is the next option! Hydro jetting can only be performed by a qualified and experienced plumber. Don’t let your plumbing suffer from a clog. Give us a call when you can’t get that clog removed from your drain or pipe.

Here are the types of clogs our team can remove via hydro jetting services: 


A clogged water main, also known as a sewer main, can cause you a lot of stress when you start to see sewage filling your drains. While it can be overwhelming, you should contact Hydro Jetting & Drains Houston for emergency services. Clogged water mains require professional expertise because you can’t use any drain in your home. You also can’t reach the clog on your own since there are no DIY options for water main clogs. So, reach out to our team for hydro jetting services. This method will clean remove the blockage entirely, so you can start using your drains again!


A clogged toilet is a common occurrence. A majority of toilet clogs can be removed with a plunger. This standard household item has served to be a handy tool when it comes to unclogging a toilet. Of course, some pesky clogs may not go away with a simple plunger. Instead, you may need a professional plumber to remove the clog. We may use a drain snake or hydro jetting depending on the severity.


There are several areas of your kitchen that can become clogged: dishwasher, sink, and garbage disposal. When any part of your kitchen is clogged, it can impact other areas too. To avoid your kitchen from being clogged, contact the professionals at Hydro Jetting and Drains Houston. We have experience with all types of plumbing and drains within your kitchen.


Kitchen sinks experience food scraps, grease, oil, and other forms of debris on a daily basis. If your kitchen sink is hooked to garbage disposal, the clog may be related to it. In some cases, you can unclog kitchen sinks with a plunger of a drain snake. When these methods don’t work, and your sink continues to fill with water, reach out to our team for effective unclogging solutions.


Is your shower so clogged it’s becoming a bath instead? You need a professional to remove any clog from your shower drain. It is likely caused by a hair buildup. We can remove your clog using a drain snake or hydro jetting your system. Based on the severity of the clog, our team will determine which method is best. Don’t hesitate to call us when your shower drain is clogged. We want you to enjoy your shower sooner rather than later.


Intentionally clogging your bathtub for a bath is one thing, but when the water doesn’t drain like it’s supposed to, it can be annoying. This is likely caused by hair buildup or other debris that requires a professional’s attention. Seek out our professional plumbing and unclog services for your bathtub. We offer effective and efficient solutions for all types of clogs.


Your bathroom sink is similar to your kitchen sink in that it sees a lot more than just water. Bathroom sinks can get clogged from hair, cleaning solution residue, and more. When this occurs, your bathroom sink needs a comprehensive unclog service by a professional plumber. Reach out to Hydro Jetting and Drains Houston for your bathroom sink clog needs. We’ll use an effective solution to remove the blockage and get your bathroom sink draining correctly.



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