In Houston, a majority of properties are built on concrete slabs because of the soil and high water table. Before the concrete is poured, the plumbing is installed in the ground below it. Slab leaks or under slab plumbing refers to the plumbing underneath the concrete slab upon which your property sits. It can be very difficult to know if you have an under slab leak or damaged pipe. These repairs can be extremely costly, but there are effective methods of addressing them. We can perform a slab leak detection test to determine if your under slab plumbing has a leak or any kind of damage. Regular plumbing maintenance can help you catch these problems before they become serious. 


Since the under slab plumbing cannot be seen from within or on the outside of your home or business, there are certain signs you must keep an eye on. If you see any of the following signs of a slab leak, contact Hydro Jetting and Drains Houston. The longer you wait for your under slab plumbing repair, the worst it can get. Give us a call if you notice any of the following signs of a slab leak:

  • Water bill increases for no obvious reason
  • Foundation cracks
  • Grass or plants around foundation grow unevenly
  • Visible shift or change in soil near the foundation
  • Foul or musty odors from floors or walls
  • You hear running water while there are no faucets on
  • Discolored floor materials


Slab leaks can be caused by a wide variety of things, but there are common culprits. Once you contact Hydro Jetting and Drains Houston for your slab leak, we can perform a thorough inspection to determine the cause. After we know the cause of the slab leak, we can implement ways of preventing it again. Here are the common causes of a leak in under slab plumbing:

  • Natural movement of soil or building materials
  • Improper installation
  • Seismic activity such as earthquakes
  • Age or corrosion
  • Tree roots
  • High water pressure


The process of repairing your slab leak will vary depending on the severity of your leak. For minor leaks, we can cut into the slab, remove the concrete, repair the leak, and replace the concrete. However, more serious leaks may require digging trenches and tunneling underneath the house. Based on our findings, our team will inform you of the necessary solutions. We can handle any severity of plumbing problems underneath your slab. Under slab plumbing is a complex and highly-specialized area of plumbing that Hydro Jetting and Drains has extensive experience. Our plumbers know the industry-leading methods of detecting leaks, performing repairs, and handling under slab plumbing with care.


When building a property, under slab plumbing is the most cost-effective method. However, we often recommend property owners reroute their plumbing when a leak or problem arises. If we have to perform a complete pipe replacement, we highly recommend you have the plumbing rerouted around the house rather than underneath. That way, future repairs and replacements will be much more affordable and easier. Of course, we understand you may not always have the budget for this kind of project. Our team understands this concern which is why financing is always available. If you wish to reroute your under slab plumbing, contact our team today for financing options or to schedule a free quote.  


Hydro Jetting and Drains Houston offers all the under slab plumbing services you need for your property. Do not neglect to have your under slab plumbing repaired, inspected, or maintained by a professional plumber. Doing so will lead to serious property damage and high repair costs. Our team is capable of performing any of the following for your under slab plumbing:

  • Under slab plumbing repairs
  • Slab leak detection tests
  • Under slab plumbing inspections
  • Under slab plumbing replacements
  • Sewer line inspection and cleaning
  • Rerouting under slab plumbing
  • And more!

Give Hydro Jetting and Drains a call for under slab plumbing services. We offer free quotes and 24-hour emergency plumbing services for those who require it.